Akita Rescue & Welfare UK - ARW - Health and Care

Routine vaccinations are not a good idea with Akitas; it is more prudent and safer by far to have a blood test done by the vet to ascertain the state of the dog's immunity, as a booster may not be necessary.

Akitas shed their coat on average twice a year, and this can look quite alarming as it comes out in large clumps like "Bunny Fur". The removal of these clumps with a rake type comb will speed up the moulting process and improve the quality of the Akita's coat.

Akitas often enjoy a bath, and will tolerate it more if the water is not too hot. Never use washing up liquid to bathe the dog - a good quality dog shampoo is far less of an irritant to the skin, and an oatmeal-based one is also very soothing.

Although food allergies are rare in the Akita, it is thought by many to be better to feed a gluten-free all-in-one type diet. Some owners use the BARF (Bones as Raw Food) diet with great success, although this should not be ventured into lightly or without careful reading and understanding of the principles involved.