This Handsome boy is Chapo, We are advertising him on behalf of Manchester Dogs’ Home who took him in over a year ago now as a stray, Chapo is just 4 years old and is so ready to start his next chapter! 


When he first arrived he thought the world was a really scary place and didn’t trust people.

Throughout the months his confidence has grown and he has bonded with the staff here, after being bribed with his favourite ‘markies’ treat.


Chapo absolutely loves mixing with other dogs especially the ladies! So we feel he could potentially live with a well mannered female after several careful introductions.


Chapo will need an adult only home with someone who has experience with the Akita breed and/or dealing with behavioural problems as he is wary of new people.


Chapo has also shown some guarding issues around food he will need his new parents to be mindful of this and work with him on this. 


Chapo’s potential new owners would need to be committed to a few visits per week, as it takes time for him to bond with people he doesn’t know. So please do not apply for Chapo if you can't commit to a minimum of several visits, perhaps someone local to the area maybe better! 


Chapo really deserves a chance at his happy every after, We believe if you put the work in with him you will reap the rewards! He has the potential to make a fabulous companion for the right person! 


If you think you can accommodate this lovable rogue then please get in touch, we want to hear from YOU!