Name: Hatchi
Age:  4 years
Gender: Female
Neutered/Spayed: No
Child friendly:  Yes, older dog savvy
Dog Friendly: No
Cat Friendly: No



 Say hello to Hatchi 

This gorgeous girl is 4 years old and is looking for her forever home after a change of circumstances in the family home .

Our assessor was bowled over by Hatchi's calm and gentle manner . She is very laid back and well behaved . She isn't that interested in toys , instead just wants to lay by her humans feet . 

She walks really well on the lead and doesn't take much notice of other dogs , however she can be aggressive to dogs whilst not on the lead so must always be leashed when outside , she also is quite keen to make a run for it when the door is open so care must be taken to make sure she is out of the way before the door is open to prevent a game catch me if you can !!!!!!

Hatchi loves the water and is quite fond of a little bit of her owners morning cuppa to start the day 

Hatchi is very polite and knows all her commands but would love her new owners to carry on with her training 

Hatchi can definitely live with dog savvy older children , but would prefer to be the only pet in the household 

Hatchi will need to be neutered under ARW guidelines